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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                2OQ

bring our matters to a crisis, and settle them one
way or the other.

April 2,8th, 1797.

Having no opportunity of sending letters with
any possibility of guessing when they may reach
you, I have written this by scraps, till the date
has crept on a whole week.

The victories on the Rhine, though unnecessary,
make a brilliant conclusion of a war with an enemy
as completely thrashed as it is possible, and they
establish the Republic upon solid grounds as to any
foreign attacks. Whether our people will come to
or no, time, and a very short time, will show.

Poor Le Moine has been a long time plaguing
me about his translation of Milton. From the
ennui a page or two gave me, and other occupa-
tions, I had quite forgotten that I had the manu-
script. The other day he reminded me of it,
informing me, at the same time, that it is going
to be published with a preface, stating that I had
not only looked over and corrected it, but that it
had my approbation, and specifying that I am un
homme connu avantageusement dans la carriere litteraire
et  diplomatique.

VOL.   II                                                                        14